Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tree felled by lightening also says "Ow!"

 This tree was MASSIVE and when it was struck by lightening recently it fell over and stuck the roof of the block of flats my friend lives at..
 That friend asked that it painted.. 
 Fair enough.Stencils out. Paints in. Lots of kidz turnt up curious what painting is..
 This largest trunk proved too big for the Aborists to cart away apparently.
 One child requestid his ten pence piece bee painted Pink.
 Jordan requestid his name painted on his football.
 This could have a nice alcove seat carved in it.. 
 This chap asked for a silver dot to bee painted on his water pistol.
 Locals seemed glad to have their fallen, chopped tree stenciled.
 This one is VERY lively! 

Done and dustid. Crazy Pixie!
Quick one in stockwell sk8park on the way home
Blended Triptych.

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