Sunday, November 27, 2011

Erotica show Vs Club Pedestal Human Zoo drawings

( 5'10" WITHOUT high heels! )
somewhere else clouds drift over a deserted peaceful landscape.

Erotica show at Kensington Olympia dancers

homemade costumes, Maya and the Pony Guy


Pony Ride guys gives a tour of the club night
C.£.O of  B.P 0IL COMPANY IS WHIPPED by Amazonian FemDom.
Ms.Aurora Galore
This is the manager of the Coloseum who kindly gave me free entry to the club whilst after i drew him while waiting for a friend
20mins of drawing equals £20 club entry fee becomes FREE. LOL. random perks of compulsive scribbling.     i love being an artist!  hehehe

there are no APPS for TALL  GRANNIES.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easter Island Moais go to the Museum

VIDEO FOOTAGE . <$ic> CEnsored DuE To GovURNmenace cOntrol PROCEDURE. pedicure.
 japamese flag in H20
 street art// paste up
 the crew  <paste upcrew)
 munch munch out for lunch
 name check
 1 -2 - -.,   1 - 2
 one two one two
 grayson perry wigs out street wise. KICKED In the head , by an Angry Punk. KICKED IN THE HEAD. Tsk.
 double dutch plaster casts  . repeat. KICKED In the head , KICKED IN THE HEAD by an Angry Punk.... by an Angry Punk.
 YOU NEXT  <(Yin or Yang. Your choice. Black or White. On or Off. Zero or One?>>)
 drunk in the toilet at a wake

 laugh now, by an Angry Punk.

electric rain's 3d software SWIFT 3D versus PhotoShop TM 

 RAGBENDERS by an Angry Punk.
 PREQUEL >>>> KICKED In the head , KICKED IN THE HEAD. before the idiots were let loose on perfection. by an Angry Punk.

resting. resting. observing. enjoying THE VIEW ... Happy Punx.

 enjoying THE VIEW. Happy Punx.
 enjoying THE VIEW.... on Happy Punx hill.
 enjoying THE VIEW
 enjoying THE VIEW. still..
friendly advie 
still drunk in the toilet at a wake. again. ad infinititum.
the hoUSe that jack built
HELLO KITTY> WHAT? the Cat Kat sat on the Sticky Vinyls pre Museum. 

time and again.
 free preview. BLINDSIDE AUDIO.

Now you see it ..

Monday, October 3, 2011

**ADULTS ONLY: TaughtchaGarden Vs Subversion

**ADULT CONTENT*: Over 18s only
Somehow i realised going to a fetish club with a little sketchbook and some pens would bee like going to the most exotic life drawing class ever... here are the results of my trip to all the nighttime glories of the human zoo that is Torture Garden Vs Club Subversion..

**ADULT CONTENT*: Over 18s only.