Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Public art in the depths of winter- House OF Bottles off licence, TTB project HQ and the Knight Webb gallery...

A previously commissioned morganico sign

the photoshop mockup 
the completed window painting of Grace Jones
werk in progress
ever get the feelingk youre beingk watched???

strength in numbers 

its the first time ive paintid a shop window ........its fun how you can really shape and "delete" the paint off of the glass with a scalpel

Santa's little helper
can i haz a "P" please Bob?
i realised the project HQ would get more worthy attention with a bright colourful sign made from recycled estate agent to let the locals know it exists..........

its amazing how the "O" of TRANSITION just happened to bee in the exact right spot to bee replaced by the wall light. an amazing case of serendipity if ever ive seen one... we didnt plan that at all.. just sheer luck!  lol
had an enjoyable open access UV painting session

FULL moon over SW9
bizzi moon on long exposure

Shining on the late night revellers of BricksTown