Friday, April 5, 2013

Arts club vs attack of the femdoms.

We saw the cabaret in the garden.
the royal opera house ballet dancer died for us,
az a Swan,
az a Swan Lake performance. 

a beautiful dance

the singer sung,
the top hat strummed,
the comical horse galloped on its pole

 the jester spewed paper from his mouth
az a writer ate his book

elsewhere exotic life drawing waz born

Batfink gimp weLKoms the night
in head-to-toe Latex.

a slave falls to his knees.

 The strap-on tramples his flank,

az Queens whipped blood from truck driver backs. 
chipshop frier's buttock spanked red raw bleeding.

this is the night-breed ballet
no binoculars on sticks needid.

chaos juxtaposition of sensations.

caged high heel fighters. 

casual sparkle eyed woman knees a line of guys in the nuts.
they crumple on the floor. 
enjoying their agony.
with her latex fisted suckerpunch finding its target in their soft sacks of pain. 

Nutcracker reaches round from behind,
squeezes the lychees az hard az unbearable.
femme fatales, exquisite and dangerous.

we eat dinner at the polished table. 

considering life.,
and all its contents. 

mORGANICo 2013