Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gaia Spirit Tree 1.5 years after completion.. (20 ft Totem pole)

Located just off of Streatham /Tulse hill here http://www.terrafirmalandscapes.com/

Im pleased the weathering has given it more character

Mio steps in to show us the scale of the beast

 Carved with chainsaws, angle grinders, chisels and handtools in 3 months in the middle of winter

Walking around in 1-2foot snow with a live chainsaw to cut the wings from a big log

The was the most extreme sculpture job ive had to date

The KingFisher sits on the "All seeing Eye of Rainbow Awareness"

Gaia spirit rests with a flower to hand 
The back of this faces the Tulse Hill station railway line- 
commuters see it day in day out for 2 seconds at a time heading to the deskjob at 60MPH

It even survived the recent riots intact...

Some of the products of the Garden centre in the yard it sits in 

Commissioned by Steve Barron 2010

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tree says "Ow!" after dog attack

Apparently the owners of powerdogs like to excercise their Staff/Pitbull's jaws by having them munch up the bark of a tree (checkout the teeth marks in the bare wood):

Spirit of Treebeard says "OW"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Forest Hill electricity substation finally complete! hooray!

The 'Cleaner, Greener, Safer' scheme people from Southwark council asked me to decorate a blank brick building that was getting repeatedly tagged up with something more visually appealing. the theme of a wild flower meadow was suggestid to reflect the gorgeous colourful summer nature that is currently in full bloom in Peckham Rye park across the road. 98% of the local population loved the finished artwork, the other 2% had no taste... (hahaha)

next up is the continuation of the bollard decoration project just up the road from this mural outside the Herne Tavern (2 Forest hill road)

 when the binmen empty the bins the subterranean mole chasing a worm scene is revealed. (L plates were added by special request for the local driving school business located across the road from the mural)

heres Mick the friendly hobbit who lives in the electricity box with his little dog Milo.
this is how the substation looked before decorating it (a favourite spot for drippy ink pen taggers)
Council anti-graff team painted over preliminary mural sketches too

Flutterby spies a spidera...

and some great feedback from a very happy local impressed by the project:

Dear Mr Morganico

I am really pleased that we met and had a chat on Forest Hill Road. Since I've seen them, I've always enjoyed your artworks on the parking bollards between Piermont Green and Ryedale, and especially your painting of the electricity substation by the Herne Tavern. I really enjoy that; even in the depths of winter under grey skies, it lifts the spirit of the whole area with lush visions of sun and jungle. In summer, under a bright sun, it's absolutely delightful. The total effect, with the bollards too, is to transform the feeling of the place, very much for the better. And it adds to my pleasure to know that you are doing this with the support of Southwark Council, which confirms my feeling that, as councils go, we have come to live in the right place.

Thank you for your work, and the pleasure that it gives me every day.

I have meant, for some time, to write to the council to compliment them on their initiative in maintaining this as a decent place to live, but I didn't know to whom to address it. Could you please pass these comments on to the person who commissions your artwork?

Thank you. 

Peter Ceresole
Driving lessons happening in Forest Hill with Nicholas driving school
Protecting the warning signs with maskin tape