Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gaia Spirit Tree 1.5 years after completion.. (20 ft Totem pole)

Located just off of Streatham /Tulse hill here http://www.terrafirmalandscapes.com/

Im pleased the weathering has given it more character

Mio steps in to show us the scale of the beast

 Carved with chainsaws, angle grinders, chisels and handtools in 3 months in the middle of winter

Walking around in 1-2foot snow with a live chainsaw to cut the wings from a big log

The was the most extreme sculpture job ive had to date

The KingFisher sits on the "All seeing Eye of Rainbow Awareness"

Gaia spirit rests with a flower to hand 
The back of this faces the Tulse Hill station railway line- 
commuters see it day in day out for 2 seconds at a time heading to the deskjob at 60MPH

It even survived the recent riots intact...

Some of the products of the Garden centre in the yard it sits in 

Commissioned by Steve Barron 2010

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