Wednesday, September 21, 2011 Sk8park Shutter art project

The shutter before painting
 acetate sheet / OHP tracing the design on at night for speediness 

 the rough out lines
 adding the block colours in the background 
 Pete Westlake the owner /runner of the skatepark happy with the finished art / local kidz reckoned "'its siiiiiiiiicccKKKKKK!!!!" ( respeck to extreme sports facilities builder crew who made it) 
 the foampit base being inflated (with Olley in the middle of it) with Dazzer and JohnBoy at the back from Skaterham sk8park in Caterham and 
 information guide
 Steel toe plate at the base of a large quarter pipe
 Catball beast stands on a planet (pre colour)
 Sans Eye colour
Auto Airpaint (acrylic) on wood. ex rainforest perhaps. who knows. then laquered..
"My whole Head is My Ear"
 (this was painted this way round)
"My whole Head is My Ear"
"My whole Head is My Ear"
 Local graff spot in Eastbourne
 the funky love bus
 the dark side of  the funky love bus

'' Reservoir Dog's '' meets Eastbourne

Yardy style scooteras
 main entrance shutter art
 close up
 sk8ing roots
 innocent sport
 rollerblader high 5
 peace close up
 cloud face
Airbrushed decks made real
freeform improvisation
freeform improvisation
 this is joe the BOSS
Boss Boy
TreeBeard the Ent from Lord of The Rings is watching you...
The Bogs
The Bogs website featuring finished shUtter mural
 aim for the middle of the foam pit to launch into. Dont do a faceplant into this transition like i did..
 part of the rollin ramp looking like a snowy quarter pipe in the mountains
airbrushed 7 foot tall creature
foam pit interior and the logo'd vert wall
improvised spray painting
improvised spray painting at the mini ramp
improvised spray painting

mini ramp corner
the top of the rollin section faceing the foam pit
foam pit take off ramp
the back of the ramp via fish eye lense
the back of the ramp via fish eye lense
ORIGINAL ART FOR THE ROOTSY SK8er  (with japanese signature hand stamp in the BG)>

 original rough design. biro/ink pen/watercolour
Original Sk8park logo by Tina Frizzell


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