Monday, April 27, 2015

Portraits i made in the Scottish NationaL Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh

To celebrate the opening of the new Roy Lichtenstein exhibition i was invited to Edinburgh (in Scotland) to make pop art style portraits of the assembled guests at an enjoyable event of art lovers morganised by the" Friends of " peoples... 

heres a record of the day-out drawing at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art ..

 i was trying out a new technique of making on the spot sketch/collage with pre-prepared spray paint stenciled backgrounds in a colourful pop-tart style which worked well and the party guests seemed very happy with (-: 

i arrived to find the security guard was already half cut..
 it looked like something crazzzy & beautiful only Antony would do to a guy...
i loved the "Earth Mound" lanscaping art piece covered in grass in the gardens and interestingly shaped ponds - the water rippling was great for boketto
(Japanese casual daydream observing expression) in the sunshine  
Clark Ken-esque brother of the "Oh boy" sister... 
i had a special request to do the gallery staff too 

now this is one is on the wall of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art ... hmm.. thats nice (-: i didnt have to put it there myself this time.. lol.. office staff will see it everyday
The Harp players
does Iron-Bru give us red hair?

HAPPY GRAFFITI in neon blue beneath a crescent moon dancing with playful Venus star
he smiled all the way thru his portrait (-:

The holy trinity of PR girls had to dash off in a cab before i could finish their piece properly but luckily the lovely Sheri Scot sent me this gonzo reportage photo from the taxi to Glasgow .. hehehe

i loved the futuristic art deco space rocket ship they built in the centre of town .. ready to launch in 3... 2.. 1.
before the event i had a wander around the other art gallerie's twin across the road and was very pleased to spot on of my favourite artists Max Ernst with this mysteriously surreal garden piece featuring strange little creatures hiding in the undergrowth like spare dream pixies 

sketching in the park the next day (getting a SUNTAN, IN SCOTLAND!!!) i was idly thinking about the idea that whoever we vote for we are still werkin for the wolf of wall street at the end of the day.. inspired by some big debate media scrum i saw near the castle- people from various groups were arguing with each other about polytricks while other people pointed cameras at them ... 
after a day of happily exploring new sides of the city (for me) by skateboard it was time to board the pop art looking train back to Loondome.. The new Saughton skatepark was on my list of places to visit but that will have to wait til next time as there was a train to catch ... /-:
some spare background colours leftover i gave to the train's trolley dolly providing food and drinks on the 5hr journey back to King's X 

EVERYTHING WILL BEE ALRIGHT ... well, thats good news.. im glad to hear it.. neon sky
the train bug is growing bigger in the green house rail station 
i think it was the most snazzy hotel ive ever stayed in i think. i made sure i had a wash in both bathrooms just in case ... lol

pescatarian breakfast was nice too (-:

i heard theres a great barreling wave that breaks over a stone / (granite?) reef at Thurso East. apparently its only a little bit radioactive from the nearby nuclear power station near the beach... so im keen to try what that guy is doingk...but thick winter wetsuits are likely required here (like a 4/5mm full suit with gloves/boots/hood) i hear as the North sea is freezing due to being influenced by the cold weather systems coming from the northern arctic areas 

the train went via a place called EYEMOUTH after where the railway line went directly along the coastline within spitting distance of the sea shore , so as the train traveled south along here we saw secret coves and quiet isolated beaches appear suddenly below as the landscape wiggled its way by the window . bright orangey red cliffs topped with heather hair and long grasses beside bright icy blue cold looking water... such a beautiful feast for the eyes (and senses as i was stood by an open window at the end of carriage to smell the fresh sea air.. )

delicious looking sunsets on the way home from it 

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