Monday, January 26, 2015

60 metre mural on Borough high street

(click the image for close up)

Avon Place mural on the side of the BSO (British School of Osteopathy) 

7 months in the planning and 5 weeks to paint in midwinter much to the pleasure of the 99% of the public we met in the process of transforming a grot-spot alley into a colourful work of art (-: 

it features themes of local history such as Trinity House and its marine safety / lighthouse connection, Henry the 8th, a fire in the church, a naughty brake cable munching fox, nature, archeology, yoga, community spirit and academia

we were amazed the amount of positive feedback we had from local people who once found the alley way a dark and sinister place to suddenly telling us it was now a pleasure to walk thru it... 

This is guy local resident's response to it:
  • I thought I should write to thank you and the Council for all your work in completing the Avon Place mural.
  • The end result is a most attractive and vivid record of local themes, places and events.
  • It has greatly enhanced what was a a rather drab and unpleasant alleyway.
  • My own children used to ask not to go down Avon Place.
  • Now they ask to go on a detour to look at the pictures and happily linger to enjoy their favourite scenes.

  • Many thanks to you and Morganico for what you have achieved and your patience and hard work in getting there.

  • Best wishes,
  • (Local resident )


  1. Love your work. I will attempt to post more of your pieces.

  2. A new gallery opened last week which is just the place for your work. Check it out here is a link:


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