Monday, June 9, 2014

Hokusai wave muraL completion update...

Wow... just realised this is the 1st post of 2014.. what a naughty laxidasical blogger i am,... 

We completed the Hokusai wave mural restoration with much fanfare and a winter BBQ in the snow with free food donated from the local community (BIG THANKYOUS to shopkeepers/The Sun "& but no Doves" pub)
The London Mural Preservation Society with Ruth Miller, Vinnie O'connel of New Leaf garden project, SoloOne and all the volunteers and Dominic of the house did great werk,,, 
and we got in the papers...(SouthLondonPress)

several months on now in "summer" (ie rain with occaisionaL sunshine) the mural still looks great- the free paint from Dulux (Weathershield masonry paint) scheme called "Lets Colour" held its pigment well  

After restoration..... (^%

And before with illegal meth lab fireball explosion damage

all the stages of it- the original/fire damaged/photoshop mockup plan/ and post restoration

we added an eruption from Mount Fujiyama and an anti-nukes sign to reference the incident with the fire beside the mural and the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima due to the 3/11 tsunami

The view from the street 

Hokusai the japanese artist's original woodblock print design

Afterwards i met a local squirrel 

He likes eating cupcakes 

and running about a bit 

i thingk hes nuts...

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