Sunday, May 19, 2013

Portraits at the EroticMeetup "60 second pitch" event

cloudbusting with telekinesis 
green chilli based art form...

mysterious woman tells a life story 
springk drizzle from Brizzle

smart shirt 

Dr.Who fan 

shameless  self promotion 

italian comicbook expert 

amazing organiser 

crafting corner - emma drawing vagina portraits
'VagTagging' =  the birth of a new genre

early morning international commuters
for some reason all 3 artists naturally had odd socks on
(like a unconscious compulsory uniform for creatives)

futuristic time traveller wimmins arrived from 2015
king of the heap

cleaning the airbrush
in Brixxxtown each busker gets their own park to practice  in

early stages

SHUNGA  for inspiration (antique erotic japanese prints)

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