Thursday, January 5, 2012

Xmas day drawings at homless centre vs glitzy NYE party boat portraits

. An improvised sign for the art room window on Xmas day at homeless day centre

. nice irish man concentrating on a jigsaw puzzle

 . Amazingly knowledgeable amnesiac film buff recounts all the films he has seen in graceful and charming conversation in the art room.

. her ears were presents

. he drew an australian desert populated by 1000 flowers under bright sunshine, 
. im eating my own hand.<with long legs>

. He is New York. he is the Bronx. he is stories of exotic urban life in a place you do anythingk to survive. 
. (he is more pleased with the 2nd drawing )-and asked for a 3rd±!

. sharp talons. tools of the trade

. a healthy happy volunteer. IT 
. power vacuum stasis.

 . IT department girl volunteer drawing wasnt photographed in the rush of giving. will post it here eventually. it waz quite a pleasing rendition of another smiling asian girl. one african man i drew for some reason refused to let me photograph his drawing after i'd spent 10-15mins drawing it, puzzling because he seemed to really like it, but perhaps a bit TOO much.. he promised to email it but i never heard from him. this is the lesson learnt, if you want to keep a record of yer werk - photograph it immediately. sumtimes the only person you can rely on is yerself.. 

i asked a French artist girl to explain Xmas thru the medium of drawing. this is her answer..
Apparently Santa wants to burn children>!?? lol.
informative video about the good werk Crisis do for people without homes here
.IT seems all posters are secretly the same underneath. (poster seen on way home)

THE REST OF THESE PICTURES are from a NewYears Eve party on a boat i was booked to attend. i&i found it interesting to document both ends the social spectrum (in terms of material wealth, perceived success and status) within the space of a few days. the event was held on a James Bond style luxury boat with vast amount of champagne and exotic cocktails, food catering by Jamie Oliver and a duck's eye view of the 2011 into 2012 fireworks. Its good to know joy, compassion and warm friendship can exist in both places. 

.Picasso-ish NYE party lady at a table  2011/2012. she had something of 1920's art deco feel about her dress sense.

 Banksy-ish biznizman rat and "RIP:Apple" news chimp. drew a turban wearing bespectacled gentleman az a logo on the briefcase..
 .<Cubist-ish. Belguim man likes the wiNe.> i enjoyed his profile and wavey hair.
 .Maha Laksmi enjoys the celebrations. ((Tsk @ the shadow))
 .Asian girl with beautiful smile loved being drawn. the joy her face expressed while i drew her waz almost completely distracting from the drawing process. (but in a good way)
 .Appreciative people couple from Eastern europe eating cheese and grapes.
 . italian and high heels. part 1.
  . italian and high heels. part 2.. (not me, her)
  . impressive ruffle style thingy at bak of dress. 

  . Almost Mystic Meg but way more entertaining.
. she is Lady Gaga according to her husband.
what an interesting festive season that was.
thankyou to my agency and for making it happen! 


  1. Brilliant, diverse exploration and expression of beings, ultimately, all in the same boat! Well done once again on your genius.

  2. They just get better and better!!! Lucky people.

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